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“People are not confined to their wheelchairs. They are, in fact, liberated by their wheels. A person with paralysis can get around as quickly in a wheelchair as a non-disabled person can walking,” said the Christopher Reeve Foundation. When you have the perfect wheelchair for you, you have better mobility and are more comfortable, and your chair is more accessible for you to use. 

Many factors go into choosing the perfect wheelchair, such as your abilities, types of usage, and cost. To help you choose, here is a list of available wheelchair options. 

Manual Wheelchair Options 

You could find a manual chair more comfortable if you have more upper body strength. The manual chairs are propelled by using your arms and hands to push the wheels forward. 

Today’s wheelchairs weigh significantly less and come in a variety of styles. These lightweight versions are easier to fold and put in and out of cars. You can now find manual chairs with a suspension option that gives a much smoother ride. 

If you choose, you can add products to these chairs like “frog legs”. The frog legs also aid in suspension. Another invention for manual chairs is the super-light titanium chairs that aim to be easier on the user’s shoulders. 

You can also change out the tires so that they can work easier over harder terrain. For example, if you want to go off-road, some tires accommodate the rough and rocky roads. There are rims for tires called FlexRim tires that help create a more accessible, low-impact push, which helps protect arms and hands. 

Power Chairs 

If a person finds it difficult to push a wheelchair, there are power wheelchairs and scooters that will do the work for them. The power chair uses a joystick controlled by an electric motor.  

There are many different styles of power chairs. A traditional power chair resembles a manual wheelchair but carries the bulk of the batteries, motor, and control system. However, you can also find them with a captain’s chair-style seat on top of a power base. 

Innovation has given a wider choice for power chairs. You can find light, fast and powerful power chairs these days. New models can be off-road ready, can fold for travel, and be customized for the most complex needs of people using a wheelchair.

Specialized Wheelchairs 

There are wheelchairs for children, wheelchairs that tilt or recline, and standing wheelchairs for people to put themselves in a standing position to prevent pressure sores and improve circulation. 

Special chairs are also designed for sports and leisure, such as basketball or tennis. There are even beach wheelchairs with tires to navigate the sandy beach terrain. 

We hope that sharing these available wheelchair choices can help you determine the best wheelchair for your scenario. If you cannot choose the right chair, Next Day Access is here to help. Do not hesitate to contact your nearest Next Day Access location to schedule a consultation. We will work with you by presenting our various models and sharing the information you need to determine which wheelchair suits you best. 

Curious about wheelchair ramps? Watch this quick video to learn 5 common types of wheelchair ramps.

Are you or a loved one experiencing mobility issues and needing the assistance of a wheelchair? If so, it might be time to remodel your home’s entry with a step-less solution. By remodeling for a step-less entry, you can be confident your entry will be safer and more comfortable. Here are the steps for remodeling for a step-less entry into your home: 

How To Remodel

  1. Have a covered entrance built over the entranceway. The covered entry aids in controlling water at a low threshold and ensures protection during inclement weather. 
  1. Make sure there is adequate maneuvering space around storm doors and screen doors. 
  1. Measure 5’x5’ as the minimum for level landing area maneuvering. 
  1. The walkway should be 4′ wide and sloped at 1:20 or less. If the slopes are steeper than 1:30, you will need to install handrails. 
  1. By using a mixture of retaining walls and earth berm, you will have an effective method that supplies a step-less route to the landing while keeping an integrated appearance of the home. 
  1. Remove the original small stoop. 
  1. When set at the same level as the interior house floor, the new porch landing will diminish the step at the entry door. 
  1. Prepare a flush or low-profile threshold ½’. This measurement will need to be the maximum height. 
  1. Install handrails with an integral package shelf. 
  1.  Exchange your house numbers for higher contrast numbers to ensure the numbers are easy to read at a distance. 
  1. Set up good lighting at the entryway. Focus the light on the house numbers and locksets to make certain you or your loved one have ease of use and better security. 
  1.  Ensure the entry and screen door provides a minimum 32″ clear opening with leverage-style hardware. 
  1. Lower the peephole, so you or your loved one can see through the peephole from the wheelchair. 

Next Actions

At Next Day Access, our priority is to make sure that anyone aging in place or has mobility issues can live safely, comfortably, and independently at home. We offer a vast assortment of items that make life easier. If you would prefer not to remodel your entryway, we offer many different styles of wheelchair ramps, including threshold ramps that easily slide over a small step. However, we have products to help with your remodel if you choose to remodel. You can schedule an in-home consultation with us, and we can help you figure out if a remodel is the most effective solution for your home. During the consultation, we can also help to show you areas in the home that could use added safety measures. Nous contacter today to schedule a consultation. 

For many people, visiting the beach is a quintessential summer activity. The sun, the surf, and the sand all beckon us to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the coastline. However, for individuals who use wheelchairs, the sandy terrain can present a significant challenge, often acting as a roadblock to fully experiencing the beach.

Fortunately, there are solutions and strategies available to enhance wheelchair accessibility and make beach visits an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Next Day Access, a leading provider of mobility solutions, is here to share valuable tips to improve wheelchair accessibility at the beach.

Tips to Improve Wheelchair Accessibility at the Beach

  • Research readily accessible beach options: Beachside tourist spots are revamping to accommodate those who utilize mobility devices. Be on the lookout for beach areas that feature wooden
  • Choose the Right Beach: Not all beaches are created equal when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. Look for beaches that offer wheelchair-accessible paths or ramps leading to the shoreline. Some beaches even have specially designated wheelchair-accessible beach entrances. Research and plan ahead to find beaches that prioritize inclusivity and offer amenities designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges.

Beach-Friendly Products to Improve Wheelchair Accessibility

  • Utilize Beach Wheelchairs: Next Day Access provides beach wheelchairs for rent or purchase, specifically designed to navigate the sandy terrian. These wheelchairs often have larger, wider wheels that make it easier to move across the sand. Contact the local beach authorities or tourist information centers to inquire about the availability of beach wheelchairs and any reservation procedures.
  • Bring Portable Ramps: If the beach you’re visiting doesn’t have accessible pathways or beach wheelchairs, consider investing in portable ramps. Next Day Access offers lightweight and foldable portable ramps that provide a smooth transition from solid ground to the sand, making it easier to navigate with a wheelchair. Portable ramps are available in various lengths and materials, so choose one that suits your specific needs.
  • Use Beach Accessibility Mats: Beach accessibility mats are an excellent solution to improve wheelchair mobility on sandy beaches. These mats are designed to be placed on top of the sand, providing a stable and firm surface for wheelchair movement. They allow individuals in wheelchairs to traverse the sand with ease and reduce the risk of getting stuck.
  • Consider Beach Tires for Wheelchairs: Specialized beach tires for wheelchairs are designed to provide improved traction and maneuverability on sandy surfaces. These tires have wider treads and deeper grooves, allowing for better grip in challenging terrains. Investing in beach tires can greatly enhance wheelchair mobility and make navigating the sand more manageable.

Enjoy Stress-Free Beach Days

Travelling can be stressful when you have mobility devices to think about. However, enjoying the beach and even transporting your mobility chair doesn’t need to be a hassle. Contact Next Day Access to learn about our rental products and make your next beach trip stress-free.

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