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Every avril 7th, the world celebrates World Health Day. It is a day each year to draw attention to a specific health topic of concern worldwide. This year’s theme is “Our planet, our health.” 

Our planet, our health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they chose this year’s topic based on the belief, “In the midst of a pandemic, it is time to focus global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focus(ed) on well-being.”

The Background

Unfortunately, 90% of people in the world breathe unhealthy air due to the burning of fossil fuels. Detrimental weather events, land degradation, and water scarcity are displacing people and causing sicknesses. Systems that produce highly processed foods and beverages are causing an increase in obesity, thus increasing heart disease and cancer. 

The pandemic taught us about the weaknesses in our society and encouraged the urgency of re-establishing our pre-pandemic lifestyles. It reminded us we need to choose to eat healthier and exercise more. Rather than opt for convenience food, we should get back to cooking nutritious meals and planting sustainable gardens. The ultimate goal for this year’s World Health Day is to let individuals know they are supported and incentivize them to make healthier choices.  

How We Help

At Next Day Access, your health is important to us, and we hope World Health Day reminds you to make healthy living a lifestyle. Helping you feel your best is also important to us. We know home modifications that create a space for living independently foster a sense of confidence. Helping our customers become more independent is our specialty. Every day, we supply people with mobility difficulties with the equipment needed to lead a more independent lifestyle. We offer everything from Rampes pour fauteuils roulants and motorized scooters to vehicle lifts and so much more. Nous contacter today for a complimentary in-home consultation. 

Your social life does not have to stop if you have mobility concerns. The new app Sociability makes sure anyone with accessibility concerns has a list of detailed and accurate places to enjoy. The goal of the platform is to mitigate potential issues by listing the accessibility of venues on the app.

How the Sociability App Works

An inaccessible venue limits opportunities and social engagement. When you know a venue is accessible, it instills confidence. The Sociability app makes getting detailed, accurate, and reliable venue information easy.

Users log in to the app, and a map pops up. They have the option of clicking orange arrows to show nearby places rated on the app by other users or use the search bar to type in their desired destination. Once they find the destination on the app, they can read what other users experienced when they visited the venue

Who Benefits from Sociability

Sociability is one of the only crowdsourced accessibility platforms. People with mobility and accessibility concerns built the app for themselves and others like them. The app gives accessibility information for popular and fun local shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and more. 

What Makes Sociability Special

One of the best things Sociability is you do not receive generic information about venues but instead get a detailed breakdown. For example, a popular local bar on the app serving customers for years has accessibility information from a former patron. This patron was delighted by the food and service, but they would not recommend the venue to wheelchair users during busy hours. The tightly packed and crowded aisles made maneuverability difficult in a wheelchair. Reviews like this can help you decide whether to visit a venue or not.

Why Sociability is Important

Sociability also aims to help businesses understand the barriers in their business that may prevent people with disabilities from visiting. The hope is communities evolve to include everyone and to be accessible to everyone. Apps like this help create a level of inclusivity for patrons.

At Next Day Access, we are thankful our customers can access this app and its unique resources. We are also available to meet your accessibility needs by offering an assortment of mobility equipment. Whether you are looking for a new wheelchair, would like to rent a lift chair, or need Barres d'appui in the bathroom, we can help with all those needs and more. Nous contacter today for a free in-home assessment. 

Are you or a loved one experiencing mobility issues and needing the assistance of a wheelchair? If so, it might be time to remodel your home’s entry with a step-less solution. By remodeling for a step-less entry, you can be confident your entry will be safer and more comfortable. Here are the steps for remodeling for a step-less entry into your home: 

How To Remodel

  1. Have a covered entrance built over the entranceway. The covered entry aids in controlling water at a low threshold and ensures protection during inclement weather. 
  1. Make sure there is adequate maneuvering space around storm doors and screen doors. 
  1. Measure 5’x5’ as the minimum for level landing area maneuvering. 
  1. The walkway should be 4′ wide and sloped at 1:20 or less. If the slopes are steeper than 1:30, you will need to install handrails. 
  1. By using a mixture of retaining walls and earth berm, you will have an effective method that supplies a step-less route to the landing while keeping an integrated appearance of the home. 
  1. Remove the original small stoop. 
  1. When set at the same level as the interior house floor, the new porch landing will diminish the step at the entry door. 
  1. Prepare a flush or low-profile threshold ½’. This measurement will need to be the maximum height. 
  1. Install handrails with an integral package shelf. 
  1.  Exchange your house numbers for higher contrast numbers to ensure the numbers are easy to read at a distance. 
  1. Set up good lighting at the entryway. Focus the light on the house numbers and locksets to make certain you or your loved one have ease of use and better security. 
  1.  Ensure the entry and screen door provides a minimum 32″ clear opening with leverage-style hardware. 
  1. Lower the peephole, so you or your loved one can see through the peephole from the wheelchair. 

Next Actions

At Next Day Access, our priority is to make sure that anyone aging in place or has mobility issues can live safely, comfortably, and independently at home. We offer a vast assortment of items that make life easier. If you would prefer not to remodel your entryway, we offer many different styles of wheelchair ramps, including threshold ramps that easily slide over a small step. However, we have products to help with your remodel if you choose to remodel. You can schedule an in-home consultation with us, and we can help you figure out if a remodel is the most effective solution for your home. During the consultation, we can also help to show you areas in the home that could use added safety measures. Nous contacter today to schedule a consultation. 

The New Year might have you considering exercising for the betterment of your mental and physical health. We compiled a couple of easy exercise tips for you to consider!

A Gym membership 

Most gyms offer discounted rates for older adults. They also have trainers on staff to help you learn the equipment. They even offer to show you how to use the equipment correctly with the right weights.  Your trainer can also help you develop a daily exercise regimen. They offer low impact-to high impact classes to better suit your needs. These classes are perfect for getting your heart rate up.


If your gym offers a pool, swimming is a great way to exercise. 

Swimming is the perfect exercise for aging adults due to the low risk of injury. Swimming is a fantastic way to maintain and help your health. Swimming improves muscle mass, endurance, healthy joints, heart health, and strength. 

Home Workouts 

These days there are all sorts of platforms devoted to keeping aging adults in shape at home. The Wii offers plenty of exercise games. One of the simplest ways to work out indoors, however, is to buy small hand weights and ankle weights. These weights help gain muscle mass and lose weight while exercising your heart. Marching in place with weights is also a great way to exercise.  

Indoor Walking

Another simple workout is indoor walking. Simply go to your local mall or museum and walk around briskly. The beauty of walking around a museum instead of a mall is the culture and beauty of the displays. 

No matter how you choose to work out, try making a point of exercising at least 3 to 5 times a week. We hope these exercise tips help you. As always, remember Accès le lendemain wants to help you live safely, comfortably, and independently as you age in place at home.  

When looking for a mobility device to fit your lifestyle and mobility, there are a couple of different options. Whether it’s for a permanent or temporary use, there are options to help you get around and ride independently. The most popular devices are a power wheelchair or a mobility scooter. The main difference between the two devices is the operation and mobility use. However, understanding what makes the devices unique will help you make the best decision.

Power Wheelchairs 

Power wheelchairs help people with limited strength and stamina to travel distances independently. With a simple control of the joystick, these devices are great for indoors and outdoors. They offer enhanced performance over varied terrains and outstanding maneuverability, making turning corners easy. And no worries about fitting through the halls and door frames of your home because their design makes it accessible. Power wheelchairs utilize various features and styles, such as convenient storage options, portability, or elevated seating.

Mobility Scooters 

As mentioned before, the main difference between power wheelchairs and mobility scooters is the operation. Users control the scooter with a tiller and handlebars. Unlike a power wheelchair, users use a joystick. Depending on your range of mobility will help you decide which device is best for you.

Some features scooters offer are three-wheel or four-wheel, outdoor and indoor use and speed. A three-wheel scooter typically has a sharper turning radius and more legroom. These scooters are more optimal for indoor surfaces. Four-wheel scooters are broader and better suited for outdoor use.

Work With Accessibility Experts to Help You Decide

Overall, your mobility is the deciding factor when choosing between the devices. But once you know which device, there are many different features, designs, and styles to consider before making a purchase. Next Day Access has power wheelchairs and mobility scooters available for rental or purchase. Our accessibility experts can help you choose which device will work best for your lifestyle. Contact us for a free in-home safety evaluation.

Source: https://www.pridemobility.com/

Travel regulations eased since the onset of the Covid Pandemic. Now, many people are taking advantage of the cheaper flights to Europe. Europe is a beautiful place to vacation with great history. Given the older architecture, not every place in Europe is equipped with accessibility laws in place. Which can present difficulties with navigating a wheelchair or other mobility devices. Successful traveling with a mobility device to Europe requires a lot of research and planning, but it’s worth it. Here are a few tips to consider so you can travel safely abroad. 

Accessibility laws 

The United Kingdom and Germany’s accessibility laws are similar to America with their requirements for buildings and transportation. Yet, many countries do not have these same laws. Before traveling to Europe, research which countries have requirements that help citizens with a disability.

Book hotels in advance

Many hotels have very few accessible hotel rooms, so booking hotels far in advance is ideal. When finding a hotel, try to stay in the most accessible parts of town. Look for towns that are not surrounded by hills or stairs. A good way to get an idea of the lay of the town is using Google Maps Street View.

Booking transportation online

In Europe, every training system has different boarding and booking procedures for mobility device users. Most times, you can book wheelchair spots online in advance. However, be aware that each line requires prior notification for a wheelchair reserved spot due to the low availability.

Accessible tour companies 

You can also find accessible tour companies. It is a great idea to book with a tour company, especially one that knows the ins and outs of traveling with mobility equipment. A company that specializes in accessibility tours will take you to the most convenient, smoothest, and shortest routes. It will alleviate a lot of stress when you know your accessibility needs are better met and understood. 

Lastly, enjoy your trip! You’ve done as much planning as you can, and now that’s left is exploring the European history, culture, and beautiful architecture. If you’re in need of a power chair, scooter, or other accessibility and mobility products to help you navigate through Europe, contact your local Next Day Access business.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on juillet 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush. The ADA is civil rights legislation prohibiting discrimination and guaranteeing people with disabilities the same opportunities as everyone else. The guidelines help ensure that anyone with a disability can enjoy the same employment opportunities, shop hassle-free, and freely participate in any state or local government programs and services. Essentially, the ADA is an equal opportunity law put in place for people with disabilities. 

If you are opening a new business that caters to the public and has over 15 employees, you will need to follow ADA guidelines when designing your floor plan. It is against the law to ignore these guidelines. The ADA website has a list of the exact measurements and the standards, when installing accessible equipment. To help you get your business ADA compliant, we have compiled a helpful checklist to get you started.  

ADA Checklist (Not to be Confused with Your ADA Compliant Booklet) 

How Large is your Entrance? 

Ensure your doorways are wide enough that wheelchairs or other mobility devices can enter comfortably. Also, make sure that there are access doors in place.

Are Your Aisles Obstacle Free? 

Ask yourself if it will be challenging for anyone with a mobility device to navigate the aisles or reach the shelves? Is it easy for them to get around? Will they feel embarrassed trying to maneuver around tables or chairs scattered around corridors or hallways? 

Are your Bathrooms Easily Accessible? 

Even if you only have one stall, make sure the stall is wide enough that a mobility device can maneuver. Additionally, it is essential to have Barres d'appui and an outward swinging door. Grab bars can allow for a safe transfer from a mobility device to the toilet. Other modifications such as a wall-mounted or pedestal sink are ideal for wheelchair accessibility, giving full use of the sink.   

Again, make sure to obtain a copy of the current ADA standards and review these in detail to see which ones apply to your business. 

At Next Day Access, the accessibility experts can help you get your business ADA compliant. Whether you need wheelchair ramps or need to make sure your doorways are up to code, we can help you out. We also specialize in home modification products and have an assortment of mobility devices. Nous contacter today to schedule an in-home consultation. 

Getting back to a routine after an injury or illness is not an easy task. Once you are home from the hospital, you may notice that you might need some help adjusting to your everyday routine.  Recently at Next Day Access, we had a man seek our services after falling from a tree.

Fortunately, the man will make a full recovery, but as he recovers, he cannot do the simple tasks he once did. His injuries affected his lower back and ribs, causing his core muscles to become weak. He came to Next Day Access and rented a lift chair since getting in and out of a chair was difficult with his temporary disability. Now, with the push of a button, the chair helps him stand. However, because he is expected to make a full recovery, it is unlikely that he will need the chair for a long time. Renting was the best solution for his needs.

Next Day Access also helped a Memphis family with short-term mobility adjustments with a lift-chair, listen to their story:

Opportunity to Try it Out 

When renting a product, if it does not work for you, then you can return it. It is understandable and common for people to not like a product. That’s why renting can be a great solution for you. Having the opportunity to test out your mobility equipment means your needs will be better met.  

Your Injury is Temporary 

Accessibility and mobility costs vary and sometimes the need for a solution can be temporary. As the story above illustrated, if an injury is temporary, then rental may be your best solution. Renting can be arranged for weekly, monthly or even for a long-term basis depending on your needs.

However, if your doctor believes the side effects of the injury could come and go you might want to consider a long-term solution. At Next Day Access, we can go over the benefits of either solution to help you determine whether you should rent or buy the accessibility and mobility solutions.

You are Traveling 

You can rent a variety of our products. Say you fly in for a vacation at the beach for a family trip and need a wheelchair ramp. You can rent a ramp of any style and customization and have it installed by your local Next Day Access. Whatever your needs may be, Next Day Access has you covered.  

We are here when you need us, whether it be for a short-term or long-term solution. Next-Day Access offers rentals for a variety of equipment and needs. Nous contacter today.  

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