Residential Home Elevators

Residential elevators are delivered and installed by Next Day Access and have the ADA requirements. Our available models include the Stiltz Duo Elevator that carries two people comfortably, the luxury Stiltz Vista Elevator, and Trio Elevator that has extra space for a wheelchair.

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Please note: These products are not available in all markets.

Produits populaires

Pollock Residential Elevator

Pollock Residential Elevators provide smooth and quiet through-floor travel and is an elegant addition to any home. With the three different sizes: compact, twin, and large, the elevator's design can be easily installed in a wide range of spaces and homes. Some key features of the elevator include its traction drive feature, fire protection system, higher travel distance, a smaller footprint, and more.

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Stiltz Duo Home Elevator

The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator enables you to stay in the home you love when the stairs become challenging in later life. These cost-effective home elevators can eliminate the stress and expense that stems from moving to a new home. Our home lifts are safe, fast and quiet and can be fitted in almost any location in an American home. A residential elevator is an astute addition to your property and a worthwhile investment. Improve your quality of life with a Stiltz Duo lift.

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Stiltz Trio Home Elevator

The Stiltz Trio Home Elevator enables wheelchair users to take back control of their lives by enabling them to live independently at home. Larger than the Duo but still compact and spacious, the Trio is designed to hold a standard-size or manual wheelchair and is ideal for users with a walker or rollator. This residential elevator has a bigger interior cab space and heavier weight capacity, making it equipped to carry an extra person and easily transport other big items.

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Waupaca Estate In-Home Elevator

This is a 3 stop EXCELEVATOR RMR model elevator with an ESTATE Cab. The cab is made from Cherry Hardwood and stained with our Exclusive Estate LTD Special Blend Stain.

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Wessex VE Through-Floor Enclosed Home Lift

The VE builds upon the already wide range of features the VM offers, with the additional functionality of being able to carry standing passengers, or multiple occupants, between floors. Since its release in 2015, the VE has since become popular internationally.

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Wessex VM Through-Floor Open Home Lift

Designed for Wheelchair Users, Available to All The VM Home Lift is our best-selling through-the-floor home lift, and the most sold through-floor lift in the UK, with over 10,000 units installed (many more worldwide!). Designed to accommodate wheelchair users and seated passengers, this highly functional lift has been refined over two decades since its initial […]

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