As a spouse or child of a senior citizen, you want to ensure that your loved one is as safe as possible, while also enjoying a high quality of life. Thankfully, technology makes it easier for accessibility around the home. Check out these five smart home features that are sure to give you peace of mind.

  1. Smart Home Assistant

Devices such as a Google Home and the Amazon Echo are voice-activated assistants that can control devices around the house (like a thermostat), provide entertainment, make calls and answer millions of unique questions. This means that anyone with vision impairments or reduced finger dexterity can easily reach out to loved ones on the phone, find services available near their home and call for help if they have been hurt.

  1. Video Doorbell

Safety is a huge concern for those who live alone. With a smart home doorbell that connects over home Wi-Fi, a homeowner receives an alert, or chime, on their phone or wall-mounted device every time someone rings the doorbell. This is perfect for those with mild hearing impairments, as it’s easier for them to hear the chime if their phone is in close proximity to them. Doorbells for smart homes also have video capability. This allows the homeowner to see who is at their door before they even open it. That way, they limit the risk of opening the door to an untrustworthy stranger.

  1. Light Switch Apps

Many senior citizens are at risk for major injury every time they fall. Fumbling in the dark as they reach for a light switch can increase their risk. With a Wi-Fi enabled light switch, your loved one can turn on the lights by simply pressing a button on their phone. Before getting out of bed, they can take steps to ensuring their own safety.

  1. Automatic Pill Dispensers

As people age, it’s common practice to take vitamins in order to maintain health, and the older someone gets, the more pills they have to take. Traditional pill boxes are chunky and hard to open if someone suffers from arthritis or limited dexterity. With an automatic pill dispenser, you just press a button and the pills you need are delivered right to your hand. You can even receive alerts on your phone when it is time to take a pill. If you are looking out for a loved one, some apps even notify you when someone has taken their medicine.

  1. Cabinet Lift System

Another falling risk senior citizens encounter every day is from trying to reach the top shelf. Whether they are balancing on their tiptoes or stepping on a ladder, it’s easy to take a spill trying to get something that’s out of reach. If a cabinet lift system is installed, the cabinet can be lowered with a button, minimizing the fall risk.

Check out these smart home features for your loved ones or look into Next Day Access’s accessibility solutions to keep them healthy and happy. We’re here to help you find the balance between ensuring their safety and allowing them to live an independent lifestyle they enjoy.