Every Halloween, children across the nation gear up for a night full of free candy and creative costumes. However, if a child has mobility issues, they may not look forward to trick-or-treating for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s too difficult to climb the neighbor’s steps, or maybe they’re self-conscious about incorporating a wheelchair into their costume. At Next Day Access, we want to see children with all levels of mobility having fun. So, we’ve provided three easy tips for a fun, accessible Halloween this year.

1 – Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Take a walk around the neighborhoods you want to visit and make a note of houses that your child can easily access. For example, if your child will be utilizing a wheelchair on Halloween night, write down the addresses of houses without stairs leading up to their front door. Don’t forget to bring your list with you as your family trick-or-treats, so you can go straight to the houses that will allow your child a care-free experience.

2 – DIY Costumes for Wheelchairs

There are some pretty fun costumes out there that incorporate wheelchairs. If you get creative, your child will see that their wheelchair makes their costume unique and special, and it doesn’t hold them back from having fun. You can even make a family night out of decorating your child’s wheelchair, so it’s an event your whole family looks forward to every year. Here are some of our favorite costumes:

3 – Throw a Party at Home

It’s easy for any child to get tired or frustrated roaming around on Halloween night. Consider skipping traditional trick-or-treating and host a party at your house. You can bring all of your favorite people right to you, and avoid the hassle of navigating the neighborhood. If you’re short on ideas, there are an abundance of unique decorations and festive party treats on sites like Pinterest that your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

We know it can be difficult at times to include a child with limited mobility in everyday activities, but Halloween doesn’t have to be one of them. Try one or two of these tips this year, and make a note of what went well. As you and your family find what works for you, it will get easier to relax and enjoy the fun each year.