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If you are like many new wheelchair users, a change in mobility can also mean a change in access to your home. Former access points no longer make sense. For instance, your walkways, front steps, and door thresholds can become barriers that significantly restrict freedom of movement. The need for a home wheelchair ramp and modifications is a common source of stress for people with limited mobility, especially when you need changes quickly.

Did you know you can restore access to your home in a single day? Below is our 7-step guide when you need a home wheelchair ramp ASAP.

We hope this information is a helpful resource for you, but it is not necessary to read before you contact us. For the quickest help, contact your local accessibility experts at Next Day Access for a free in-home consultation. Your local accessibility experts at Next Day Access will guide you with 25 years of experience and thousands of customers served. Next Day Access removes these barriers so you can continue to live life on your own terms.

We needed a ramp as soon as possible. Next Day Access came the next day and set it up. It looks great! Very sturdy. So glad I called them. I would highly recommend Next Day Access. It’s so nice to have someone treat you with kindness in a difficult situation.

Ricka from Ohio

1. Identify your accessibility needs

When it comes to wheelchair ramp installations, your needs should come first. Some people worry about cost, design, or logistics before thinking about themselves. The truth is, you will make the best choice by prioritizing your unique mobility context.

Before you incorporate other factors, consider the following questions:

  • Will you make temporary or permanent use of a wheelchair?
  • Will your mobility change over time or will it remain the same?
  • Are you using a manual or electric power wheelchair?
  • Does your mobility involve assistance from another person?

Very professional, efficient, and understanding. Needed a wheelchair ramp for short-term use and Next Day Access came out, gave me an estimate on a rental, and had it up within 48 hours. If you are looking for a ramp, long or short term, hire them!

Jared from Tennessee

Keep your answers to these questions in mind. By keeping your mobility needs front and center, you are more likely to choose a ramp that maximizes your independence and becomes an easy part of everyday life.
If you do not know how to answer these questions, don’t worry. For over 25 years our team has worked with thousands of individuals in the midst of unexpected or uncertain circumstances. Contact your local accessibility experts at Next Day Access and let us help you.

2. Choose your access point

With a clearer idea of your accessibility needs, you can think through the best access point in your home for a wheelchair ramp. Consider the exterior, doorway, and interior design of your home when making this decision.

When evaluating access points into your home, consider the following:

  • With wheelchair ramp installation, which access point would provide minimal barriers from the door to my vehicle or other mode of transportation?
  • Is the doorway of this access point wide enough to accommodate my wheelchair? The ADA recommends doorways with a minimum 32” of clearance.
  • Will this access point make sense in a variety of weather and time of day conditions?

Next Day Access really does provide next day service! My husband was unexpectedly disabled in an accident. We found out quickly that our home is inaccessible. By the next day we had a professionally installed ramp that meets ADA standards. No other company I contacted even returned my calls. I can’t thank Next Day enough for their prompt, courteous, and professional service.

Mary from Iowa

3. Follow compliance guidelines

Once you identify a preferred access point for your wheelchair ramp, the next step is to consult ADA guidelines and local codes. ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps provide the most accessible and safe method of exiting and entering your home.

An ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp meets the following requirements:

  • There is a maximum 1:12 ratio for the slope of your run, defined as a single span of the ramp. The maximum rise for one run is 30 inches.
    For instance, a ramp that rises vertically by one foot needs to be 12 feet long. You can check out this helpful ramp calculator on HomeAdvisor to determine the length of your wheelchair ramp.
  • Handrails are required for rises greater than 6 inches.
  • Each run must have a minimum clear width of 36 inches.
  • There must be level landings at both the top and bottom of each run.
  • Edge protection is necessary along runs and landings.
  • Runs and landings must be “firm, stable, and slip-resistant” and “designed to prevent the accumulation of water.”
Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of an ADA compliant wheelchair ramp
Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of an ADA compliant wheelchair ramp

While many local codes follow ADA guidelines, your state or city may have additional or alternate requirements. You can consult these entities before installation or contact your local accessibility experts at Next Day Access for faster service. 

Our team can meet you for a free in-home consultation and help you to decide on a ramp that meets safety standards and your specific needs. We have helped thousands of people install ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps as soon as possible, even in spaces that pose challenges due to available space, rise, or other factors.

Next Day Access is fair, fast and works with you on everything they offer. I would highly recommend them! They have a solution for all obstacles.

Edward from Ohio

4. Select the type of wheelchair ramp

Now that you have a clearer idea of your needs, we invite you to take a look at available residential wheelchair ramps on our website. When you buy a wheelchair ramp from Next Day Access you can trust your ramp meets the highest standards of quality and ADA-compliance. Whichever wheelchair ramp you choose, you are getting a safe, durable product.

Portable, modular, or permanent?

If you need help with a small level of rise to your access point or plan to use a ramp on the go, choose a portable wheelchair ramp. For sturdier wheelchair ramps you should consider modular or permanent wheelchair ramps. Modular wheelchair ramps are quick and easy to install, customized to the home, and we can remove them just as easily. Permanent wheelchair ramps are the longest lasting choice, and are a good choice if you plan to use a wheelchair ramp for many years.

Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of modular permanent or portable wheelchair ramps
Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of modular permanent or portable ramps
Solid surface or open weave aluminum?

If you live in a more temperate climate, you may choose a solid ramp; if you live in a colder region, open weave aluminum will maintain traction in snowy and icy weather. Either way, an all-aluminum wheelchair ramp is safe and durable, with an 1,000-pound weight capacity!

Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of straight u shape and l shape wheelchair ramps
Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of straight u shape and l shape ramps
Straight, U-shape, or L-shape?

Depending on the layout of your exterior, we can install a permanent or modular ramp that gets you in and out of the house safely and easily.

  • Straight ramps are the best choice when the slope from the ground to your access point is less than the 1:12 ratio recommended by the ADA.
  • L-shaped ramps are a good choice for individuals with access points on another side of the house from the ramp entry point.
  • U-shaped ramps, also called “switch back” ramps, are useful in limited space with higher rise requirements.
Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of solid surface and open weave wheelchair ramps
Next Day Access Article Illustrations Graphic of solid surface and open weave ramps

He was able to get there the next day and I was only there for a short time. We had space constraints and he was able to come up with a solution.

William from Colorado

5. Decide whether to rent or own

Before choosing a design, you will want to decide whether to rent or own your wheelchair ramp. Next Day Access offers several options for individuals depending on their unique mobility needs.

Renting is the best option for individuals who will not use a wheelchair in the span of six months or less. Renting a ramp might be a good choice for individuals in the following situations:

  • During recovery from surgery or injury
  • For end-of-life or hospice care
  • In rental living arrangements or temporary housing
  • To expand access for guests and visitors
  • Installing a temporary, alternate access point

If you will need a wheelchair ramp longer-term or permanently, it will be more cost effective to own your wheelchair ramp. Owning a ramp might be a good choice for individuals for whom one or more of the following are true:

  • Long-term or permanent mobility disability
  • Progressive or chronic health condition
  • Living at home or independently
  • In permanent living arrangements

The ramp is magnificent and extremely well built.  The Next Day Access team did an excellent installation in one afternoon and our whole lives are better for it.  Words can not express my gratitude!

Jenny from California

If you are unsure of whether to own or rent a ramp, contact your local accessibility experts at Next Day Access. With over twenty five years of experience we can provide guidance on the most cost effective option for you, including a rent-to-own option.

6. Explore financing options

When someone needs a wheelchair ramp ASAP, we understand they might be worried about cost. Our team at Next Day Access believes access is more than a wheelchair ramp. Access also means financial accessibility so people can live life on their own terms and with dignity.

That is why we begin by offering a free in-home consultation at your request. Our local accessibility experts can identify potential safety issues, installation challenges, or other considerations; along with the best product and design options for your needs.

When you are ready to move forward with installation, you can choose from several financing options including rentals, rent-to-own, or owned wheelchair ramps. Short on time? Our local accessibility experts can help you decide on the best financing option without burdensome delays.

Next Day Access is extremely professional, does the job correctly the first time, and treats the individuals they work with who have disabilities with total respect.

Louie from Utah

Individuals who need financial assistance can often find additional financing options through local mobility organizations. has a national database that includes organizations offering free or sliding scale ramp installation. Next Day Access is proud to have partnered with some of these organizations! 

7. Schedule wheelchair ramp installation

After your in-home consultation it is time for installation! You can trust our team to install your new wheelchair ramp safely. Our technicians are factory-trained, learning directly from the manufacturers how to install the products we sell. You can also trust every product available through Next Day Access to be high-quality and ADA-compliant.

The ramp from Next Day Access fills the bill. Installation was done on time for when I was discharged from rehab.

Marcia from Pennsylvania

The bottom line?

When you need a wheelchair ramp ASAP, Next Day Access is here to help you. Contact your local accessibility experts for a quick, quality, and free in-home consultation today.

Accessible Living. Delivered in a Day.