Making a New Year’s resolution is a tradition for many people at the beginning of every year. If you’ve struggled with keeping yours in past years, come into 2021 with a positive attitude and put together a plan to ensure you remain accountable for achieving your goals. The aging population may find it particularly important to incorporate healthy habits as a New Year’s resolution so they can maintain good overall health. Here are some of the other top New Year’s resolutions seniors commonly choose.

Be More Active

Increasing your physical activity can benefit you in many ways. Even mild exercises can be accomplished if you have a condition that prevents you from making more strenuous moves. The more active you are, the better your overall health will likely be. And if you have a condition like heart disease or arthritis, increasing your activity levels could improve them. Start slow with your exercise routine, but be consistent and do at least a little bit every day.

Eat A Healthier Diet

Seniors striving for independent living need to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into their diet. Five servings daily are sufficient, and you can be creative by mixing foods like spinach, carrots, cantaloupe, oranges, and more. You also want to add some healthy nuts and whole grains to your diet. If you like to cook your meals, consider using olive oil instead of butter as a healthier alternative. Small steps to improve your eating habits can go a long way in improving your long-term health.

Be More Proactive With Your Health

As you’re incorporating more healthy habits into your lifestyle, be proactive with seeing your medical professional regularly as well. You want to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay strong and healthy. Your medical professional can also identify any potential concerns before they become problematic. Being proactive with your health can increase your chances of successful independent living in many ways.

Take Steps To Improve Independent Living

If you’re working hard every day to live independently, then take any steps necessary to improve your situation. This could mean finally investing in a stair lift or a lift chair that you’ve been talking about for a while. Or maybe it’s simply installing grab bars in your bathroom to improve your stability. These things often get pushed to the backburner, but they should be a priority. This year, make sure those things get done as soon as possible so you can feel safer and reduce the risk of injuring yourself at home.

At Next Day Access, we want to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions revolving around mobility. Seniors striving for independent living may need to make some adjustments around the home to create a safer environment, and we are here to help. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to finally invest in a mobility device or to make some home modifications, don’t hesitate to Nous contacter at any time and see how we can help.