Whether you are a caregiver taking care of a loved one at their home or if you have people with limited mobility visit your home frequently, making it wheelchair accessible can make it safer and more convenient. According to Disabled-World.com, more than 6.8 million Americans use an assistive device to help them get around, and roughly 1.7 million of those people opt for a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Installing a wheelchair ramp in certain locations around the home can make a world of difference for people with limited mobility. These accessibility options can help ensure they are able to move freely in your home.

Install A Threshold Ramp At The Entrance

A threshold ramp can be installed anywhere there is a slight incline or decline, like a step up to enter the home, different rooms, garages, basements and more. For a person with limited mobility, even lifting their foot a few inches can reduce their balance and stability drastically enough to create a fall risk. Threshold ramps aren’t too difficult to install and your loved one will appreciate the easier access.

Bathroom Accessibility Considerations

The bathroom is one of the most important places to make wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms are typically narrower than other rooms, making it difficult for people in wheelchairs to navigate without assistance. You could consider making the doorway a little wider, installing a portable shower, attaching grab bars to the wall and more. Some slight remodeling of the bathroom could be required to make it completely accessible, but it’s usually worth the effort when it means your loved one can get in and out of the bathroom freely and easily. 

Outdoor Accessibility Tips

A wheelchair ramp is often the first thought people have when it comes to making their outdoor space more accessible. Eliminating stairs in favor of a ramp significantly reduces the risk of tripping and falling and takes the strain off of anyone with mobility limitations entering your home. Whether you prefer a powder-coated or aluminum ramp, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics and receive the benefit of a safer home as a result.

A vertical platform lift is also a viable option depending on how the stairs are configured to enter your home. Many people install a vertical platform lift in their backyard where the porch is since it sometimes makes the most sense to keep any stairs or steps intact in those areas. However, if there’s another area of your home where it would be valuable to install a vertical platform lift, an accessibility professional can evaluate the space to determine whether it’s possible to do so.

At Next Day Access, we want to assist in making your home as safe as possible for people with mobility limitations. Sometimes this simply means installing a secure wheelchair ramp, while other times more additions or adjustments are needed. We strive to make your day-to-day life easier to navigate, so contact us today to begin your free home assessment and learn more.