There are over 30 million wheelchair users in America. Fortunately, there are new ways to redesign or modify a home to make it accessible for people with disabilities. Next Day Access provides accessibility within the home. When evaluating a home, our goal is to create a barrier-free living space, while making sure the home is safe and accessible. Next Day Access has a huge selection of home modifications products. We have knowledgeable, highly trained installation specialists. They can install any of the products quickly and efficiently. 

Bathrooms require many home modifications for disabilities. Disability living requires bathrooms to be safer and more accessible. Next Day Access has many products specifically for bathroom safety, functionality and accessibility. Here are just a few of the products we offer. 

Barres d'appui  

Grab bars provide security, stability, and safety. Next Day Access offers a wide variety of grab bars from different colors and textures. Having one can greatly improve a person’s independence while in the bathroom.  

Baignoires à l'italienne 

Walk-in tubs are ideal for a person who has trouble standing for a while. Next Day Access also has a variety of tub models to meet accessibility needs. Some tubs can be built in or freestanding, have an inward or outward swinging door and accommodate people of all sizes. 

Bio Bidets 

Bio bidets are a unique brand of bidet’s offered by Next Day Access. Bidets in America are becoming popular, and for good reason. Bidets aid in cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. Next Day Access has multiple bio bidets to choose from, each with bells and whistles. Most of them also have remotes, which prevents excess movements while in the restroom.  

These are only a fraction of the bathroom accessibility products offered by Next Day Access. For additional information or to schedule a free home evaluation, contact us. Our professionals understand that independent living is a priority for individuals with accessibility or mobility needs. We will work with you to provide a comfortable, safe, and accessible home.