Spring is in the air and there’s no better time than the present to get some serious house cleaning done. Your caregiver providing senior care may do a lot of the dirty work for you, but there are still some things you can do to prepare. Anything from unorganized cabinets to dusty surfaces and expired products can be easily addressed during your spring cleaning efforts. Here are a few simple tips to help you get started.

Make A Spring Cleaning List

Even if you have mobility concerns limiting you from doing a lot of cleaning yourself, you can still use your stair lift to access different areas of your home and take inventory. Consider making one list for each room in the house that needs work done. It could be that one room needs to be decluttered completely, while others may simply need to be dusted and wiped down. Once you have your list made for each room, you can put together a gameplan of how you’ll tackle each one.

Be Honest With Yourself When Decluttering

As you’re decluttering closets, cabinets, pantries or anything else, be honest with yourself when considering throwing items out. If you come across a shirt you always liked, but haven’t worn it in a couple of years, chances are you won’t wear it much going forward. Items like those take up space and can be easily donated. And when it comes to cleaning out cabinets and pantries, get rid of anything that’s broken or expired so you can make room for new items or to just make the space seem less cluttered.

Make Your Furniture And Devices Shine

Wiping down your furniture, appliances and devices can give them a certain amount of shine that looks better when you walk into the room. Even your light bulbs get dusty and could be wiped down to enhance the lighting in each room. And don’t forget about your stair lift, vertical platform lift or any other mobility device you have in your room. Cleaning them will make them look brand new and also potentially prevent mechanical issues. Walking into a room with shiny and clean items boosts the mood more than you think, and all it takes is a damp washcloth to get the job done.

Get Your Accessibility Products Cleaned And Serviced

If you have a stair lift or other accessibility products, having them regularly cleaned and serviced is ideal to extend their lifespan. However, if it has been a while since yours have been professionally cleaned, then spring is a perfect time to have someone do it. The professional will wipe it down, shine it up, add oil or grease to the components and ensure it’s working properly. The primary goal is to make sure you’re safe when you use any accessibility product, and one way to do that is to keep them as clean as possible.

At Next Day Access, we want to help people under senior care in any way we can. Whether you’re in the market for new accessibility products or need your existing ones cleaned or serviced, contact us today to schedule an appointment.