Artificial Intelligence steps up to the plate with Samsung’s recent announcement that they will be piloting an in-home aged care platform using similar technology to self-driving cars. This platform is intended to help the elderly in Australia stay at home longer. 

The project will follow several elderly participants as they go about their daily lives. ZDNet says that the participants’ lifestyle will be tracked by an “in-home care platform comprising various software and small hardware-based components”.

The platform is called Holly Smart Home, and is it coupled with the Holly Hub. The Holly Hub is a small computer that receives data from sensors and that are placed around the homes of the study’s participants.

There are also speakers placed in the homes, so that Holly can speak to the participants if it detects anything out of the ordinary. Holly uses artificial intelligence for aging-in-place to learn what a normal day looks like, so that it can report when anything abnormal happens and call for help. Just like alarm systems, the participants have the opportunity to respond prior to any emergency action.

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