People with mobility limitations typically notice even the smallest steps to enter a building or a room. A raised step of just a couple of inches can be a trip hazard for people who don’t have good balance or stability. Whether you’ve suffered an injury that has limited your mobility, or if you or a loved one are getting older and having a more challenging time moving around, a wheelchair ramp could be exactly what you need to make mobility a breeze. No matter if you’re at home or in public, ramps are often the answer to solving mobility problems.

Installing A Wheelchair Ramp At Your Home

Wheelchair ramps have come a long way in terms of durability and aesthetics. Professional wheelchair ramp installers do a great job of ensuring the ramp does not stick out too much and blends in with the rest of your home as much as possible. You have different materials to choose from, and the good ones will have at least a 1,000-pound weight capacity so you can feel safe and secure on it, even when using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. It just takes a matter of a few hours to install a wheelchair ramp properly, and you’ll be living safer as a result.

A Threshold Ramp Can Solve Many Problems

A threshold ramp serves many purposes in and around the home. Depending on the steps present at your front entryway, it can be positioned there with a sturdy handrail for added stability. A threshold ramp is also commonly used in garages or by small curbs to help people in walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters move with ease. But even if you don’t require a mobility aid, not having to pick up your feet high enough to step up a few inches can give you some peace of mind and confidence as you’re walking.

Take A Portable Ramp With You Anywhere

Portable ramps are lightweight and designed to be folded up for easy storage. Some people keep portable ramps in their homes just in case they need a temporary ramp for guests, but others always have it available in their vehicle in the event it’s needed in public. Simply unfold it, put it on the ground where there’s an architectural barrier, and then fold it back up for storage. Taking accessibility with you is easier than ever when you have a portable ramp available to you.

Next Day Access professionals can walk you through the different options you have when it comes to wheelchair ramps. Our experts will recommend the appropriate ramp material based on the area you live in, the most ideal ramp surface, what would look great aesthetically, and much more. And all of these recommendations will happen during a free assessment we provide you when visiting your home. We are ready to help you improve accessibility no matter where you are, so Nous contacter today to schedule your free home assessment and get started.