Ascenseurs de porche

Porch lifts, also known as Vertical Platform Lifts, are a durable and reliable accessibility solution for you and your home! If you or a loved one needs to access a raised deck, surface, or other elevated areas, porch lifts can accommodate the need. These lifts help provide individuals who use a wheelchair, scooter, or another mobility device to reach a range of heights.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Vertical platform lifts are used for both indoor and outdoor environments. Depending on where you have the lift professionally installed, there will be different features for your porch lift to maintain its durability and condition.

Vertical Platform Lift Installation

VPLs can provide an alternative solution when a wheelchair ramp is does not fit or becomes too large to where it becomes costly. Vertical platform lifts are perfect for narrow places. If you are not sure if a porch lift is right for your home, our accessibility experts can help you decide.

Installing porch lifts for porches, decks, or garages is an ideal solutions to avoid the troublesome of building an entire ramp around the outside of your home.

Porch Lift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a porch lift?

It’s an accessible solutions that lifts people, in a wheelchair, power chair, or scooter, up or down to overcome a barrier. They are typically used to bypass stairs or provide access to elevated surfaces like porches.

Are porch lifts safe during weather conditions such as rain?

Porch lifts are completely safe to use during or after rainfall. The lift is designed to withstand against weather conditions.

Is a vertical platform lift and porch lift the same thing?

Yes, they are the same. The term porch lift is typically used when the lift is installed to access a porch or deck. Vertical platform lift is usually referred to when the lift is installed in a garage.