The coronavirus pandemic has forced people across the world to alter their lifestyles to some extent. Seniors living at home particularly have had to make some lifestyle changes due to social distancing guidelines. However, according to a Gallup poll and reported by AARP, people are more worried about their mental health than their physical health as it relates to the effects of the pandemic. One way to boost your mental health is to become engaged in new creative activities to keep you busy. Here are some great ideas to consider.


Many seniors living at home love spending time outdoors, but may not have the resources available to help them enjoy it safely. Anything from a threshold ramp to a mobility scooter and everything in between can be installed to make you feel safe outside. Making a garden is a good activity to boost your mental and physical health. Plus, you get to reap the benefits of your beautiful flowers, fruits or vegetables throughout and at the end of the growing season.

Learn Something New

Repeating the same activities can get boring and cause you to lose interest. Think of different activities you can do, like cooking, crafting, painting, writing or anything else you may have interest in. Plenty of classes and courses are available for these activities, whether you like to do them in person or online. You may not know what you like until you try something, so explore new possibilities and see where they lead you.


Volunteering is a great way for seniors living at home to stay engaged within their community. If you can’t get out of the house or are choosing to stay inside, call local organizations and see if there are any activities you can help with from home. Many seniors experience a great sense of pride when they know they are making a difference. The actual task you help with isn’t as important as being helpful in any way needed.

Get Creative With Exercising

Exercising is critically important for seniors living at home. Walking around the neighborhood every day could get boring, though. Consider signing up for swim classes or exercise courses designed for seniors. Yoga and aerobics are also great options for seniors to keep their blood flowing and continuously strengthening their muscles. When you get creative with incorporating fun exercises, you may end up looking forward to participating in them every day.

When you’re ready to take on new activities in or around your home, don’t let limited mobility hold you back. Next Day Access offers a wide range of mobility devices and products to make your home more accessible than it has ever been. A simple threshold ramp can bring you more peace of mind than you think, and a mobility scooter can get you where you need to be quickly and safely. We look forward to helping you in any way we can, so contact us today to schedule your free home assessment and see how we can improve accessibility in your home.