Next Day Access offers a wide variety of affordable and accessible bathing options and other bathroom accessibility products for you or your loved ones. We’re not making a difference alone though – there are other companies who are helping us to revolutionize accessibility and provide the opportunity to continue to live at home.

One of those companies is CleanCut, who recently announced the launch of a new product. The Convertible is a product that takes your existing bathtub and converts it so that you can use it as either a full tub or a more accessible step-in shower, and you can order this new product through Next Day Access today! 

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Chris Stafford, the president of ClenCut, stated that “Bathtubs present a variety of hazards that increase the risks of falls and impacts an individual’s ability to live independently. Our Convertible™ product is an affordable retrofit solution that increases safety and allows individuals to remain in their home and reclaim their bathing independence”.

If you’re looking to modify or replace your bathtub with a more accessible option, Next Day Access provides accessible bathing options for the home that are made from the same high-quality materials and meet the same standards as our bathing systems for healthcare facilities. We offer a variety of models to meet a variety of needs: inward or outward swinging doors, tubs that are more compact for smaller spaces, and bariatric models with roomier seating.