An important part of senior living is staying as active as possible, both mentally and physically. Brain stimulation is critical as seniors get older to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Brain-Stimulating Activities for Seniors

Engaging in activities like reading can keep the brain stimulated, and hand exercises are equally as effective. Using your hands and fingers requires lots of brainpower; here are some activities you can suggest for your aging parent to try.


Your aging parent might have sewed as a hobby many years ago. It’s a hobby that has become recognized for stimulating the brain because sewing requires creativity, which helps develop new brain cells. Some of the other benefits are reducing stress and depression and creating a calming environment. 

Playing Musical Instruments

Musical instruments like the clarinet, flute, or piano require a lot of hand and finger coordination. Playing an instrument or taking music lessons can help boost your aging parent’s brain’s health. It helps decrease the loss of memory and cognitive function. Simply playing the instrument for 10-15 minutes each day can stimulate the brain because of the precise and detailed motions.

Playing With Clay

Believe it or not, playing with clay is a great way to perform hand exercises. It is common for residents in senior living to play with clay because it’s an outlet for emotions, creates stimulation, and requires concentration. Picking up a simple physical practice like clay will enhance mindfulness and overall improve mental health. 

Hand Stretching

Simply flexing the fingers and hands can improve blood flow and keep the fingers flexible at the same time. Your aging parent should pay attention to this and consistently move their hands throughout the day, even when resting. A stress ball is an effective and easy way to do this. 

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