Making your office more accessible also makes it a more attractive place to work. Whether you only need to accommodate employees or if you have clients or customers coming in and out throughout the day, having a wheelchair ramp in strategic locations can make a world of difference. With 2019 coming to an end, one of the goals you may consider for 2020 is making your office more accessible for everyone.

Go Beyond ADA Compliance

Every office space, inside and out, should be ADA compliant. This means there will be a handicap ramp going in and out of the building, plenty of space for wheelchairs to navigate and more. However, feel free to take your office beyond these basic requirements!

Some of the things you could include are grab bars placed strategically throughout the office, creating a more open concept with proper furniture placement, carpets with a short pile and much more. While these things may seem like minor changes to you, they can make a world of difference for people with mobility limitations.

Communicate With Your Employees To Confirm Their Needs

As a business owner, the most respectable thing you can do is talk to each of your employees about any special needs they may have. You shouldn’t expect them to come to you about them since it may not be something they are comfortable expressing openly. No one wants to be an inconvenience or make requests, like asking for a wheelchair ramp, that will only benefit them, so chances are they will make do with what is available to them even if it makes their life more difficult.

Take the extra step and ask them what would help them be more productive at work, while also feeling safe, secure and comfortable! Not only will you feel better about providing exactly what your employees need, but you’ll also be more respected and admired by them and your colleagues as well.

It’s amazing how much of a difference a simple threshold ramp can make in a person’s life when they have mobility limitations. Offices and commercial spaces should be just as accessible as a person’s home, so make this one of your top priorities for 2020. When you’re ready to make a difference in your office, Next Day Access is your go-to resource for all of your mobility products.