Now is the time of year for family holiday events! If you’re hosting an event this year, you may be thinking about a million things at once. Did I plan for the right amount of food? Is the lighting in my home sufficient for all of my guests? Did I forget to invite someone? Are these decorations too over-the-top?

You have plenty of things to think about for sure, but one thing you don’t want to overlook is if you have a family member with mobility concerns. If you do, then some minor tweaks to your home can make your holiday event a success for all!

Entertain Visitors With These Tips in Mind

You may not be able to think of everything ahead of time on your own, so don’t hesitate to ask your family members with mobility concerns what they will need the most. These five tips can help you prepare:

  1. Ask what makes them most comfortable. This could be as simple as having a chair with armrests, a firm seat or wider walkways that may simply involve rearranging some furniture.
  2. Think about their needs. Start by installing a temporary wheelchair ramp to enter your home if you don’t already have one. Inside the home, remove any rugs and clear away any end tables or decor that may get in the way of a wheelchair.
  3. Install grab bars in bathrooms. Doing this will make them feel much more comfortable and you’ll reduce the risk of them falling in your home.
  4. Consider your festivities and traditions. Whether it’s watching a movie together or enjoying time in the backyard, make sure the area is accessible for a wheelchair so they can participate also.
  5. Keep your pet away. Pets are friendly and want to be involved with the party too, but they can also get tangled under people’s feet and create trip hazards for anyone who doesn’t have good balance. It’s best to make arrangements to have someone pet-sit them or at least keep them in a room away from the festivities.

Holiday events can be stressful to prepare for. With the right amount of preparation, though, everyone will have a great time. A family member with mobility concerns likely won’t expect you to go out of your way to accommodate them, but will surely appreciate the efforts.