Fracturing a hip is painful for anyone. Seniors especially experience a significant amount of pain and have a much more difficult time making a full recovery. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of hip fracture patients is likely to increase as the population gets older, and many of those people will no longer be able to practice independent living. Before it gets to that point, take action to ensure you are as healthy as possible, and even make home modifications to improve balance and stability. Follow these tips to help prevent hip fractures in seniors.

Get Regular Health Exams

A common disease seniors should be aware of and catch as early as possible is osteoporosis. By getting regular health examinations, your physician can detect early signs of osteoporosis or even take preventive measures if the disease runs in your family. People often find out they have the disease after they break a hip or other bone, making the recovery process much more challenging. Don’t overlook the importance of regular vision exams also. A person’s vision is often taken for granted and can deteriorate as they get older. Not being able to see well can increase the risk of tripping and falling.

Evaluate The Safety Of A Senior’s Home

One of the simplest prevention tips to implement is making home modifications for seniors. Eliminate stairs and install a wheelchair ramp to enter the home instead. Consider installing a stair lift for interior stairs to avoid the dangers of walking up and down the stairs. Other simple modifications that cost little to no money include removing rugs that present trip hazards, improving the lighting in dark hallways or bathrooms, and rearranging furniture to make it easy to navigate any room. If you are unsure what the most common home modifications for seniors are, consider having a professional provide an evaluation.

Improve Balance And Strength

A common reason why seniors fall is because they lose their balance. Participating in balance and strength exercises can go a long way in preventing falls, and also preventing injuries when you do fall since you’ll be more flexible. Activities like yoga, using resistance bands, and taking regular walks on a treadmill or around your neighborhood can improve balance and strength tremendously over time.

Implement Safety Measures Throughout The Home

The safety measures you implement in your home could be the reason why you’re able to enjoy independent living for years to come. Simple things like grab bars in bathrooms can keep your balance enough to prevent a fall or lessen the impact if you do fall. Investing in a lift chair is an ideal option also to make it much more effortless to get up after sitting for an extended period.

Next Day Access can help seniors live a long and healthy life in their homes by providing safety and mobility products. We believe seniors should be able to practice independent living if they are healthy enough to do so, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for them. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a free home assessment and see how we can make your home a safer place to navigate.