More people with disabilities are becoming homeowners than ever before. For those with disabilities, it’s about more than just owning a home. It’s about being able to access all the areas of your home, maneuver through them and enjoying activities in your home.

Disability Grants for Accommodations in the Home

There are housing grants for disabled people to help purchase a home or modify an existing home. Most states have local programs and disability grants to help relieve the financial burden of installing home modifications or building a new fully accessible home. This guide is meant to inform you of some of the available grants to help improve your quality of life in your own home.

Top 5 Suggestions for Disability Grants

When looking through grants for disabled people, each has its own criteria and eligibility requirements. Usually, you will fill out a form requesting financial assistance through the grant. Sometimes, you may only be asked for your story and what you would like to accomplish by receiving the grant. Disability grants are designed to make a difference in the lives of the recipients, so you will need to demonstrate how the resources will make your life better by using the funds for home modifications. Here are a few of the top grants available.

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA offers two different types of grants if you are a veteran. If you qualify you can use the grant to purchase or construct a new home or to modify the home you currently own.
  • Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants. This program is funded by the USDA. Recipients must be at least 62 years of age and from a low-income household to apply. 
  • Money Follows the Person. The Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration Program (MFP) helps States rebalance their long-term care systems to transition people with Medicaid from institutions to the community.
  • Self-Sufficiency Grant from This organization offers financial help for families who need assistance but are just above the low-income household threshold. They want to help families who would have to spend all they have to make necessary adaptive repairs.
  • Centers for Independent Living is a consumer-controlled, community-based, cross-disability, nonresidential private non-profit agency that is designed and operated within a local community by individuals with disabilities, and provides an array of independent living services.

Next Day Access provides a wide variety of services and sources to help you choose accessibility products and solutions to help make your home more accommodating. Our goal is to help you have a home without barriers. Contact us today to discuss what types of modifications would help you achieve accessible living in your home.