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Zoomer Power Chairs in Colorado Springs

We have power chairs to meet your needs. This versatile Zoomer Chair power chair allows you to move confidently and safely from level to level, all while aging in place.

  • Folds And Unfolds In A Second
  • Fits In Nearly Any Vehicle
  • Innovative Control System with One-Handed Control
  • Removable, Long-lasting Battery

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My Zoomer has given me so much independence. No longer do people have to push me. I just go! Easy to maneuver.”

– Laureen B.

Big Advantages In A Power Chair

You will not believe it! Foldable and with a small battery pack that will allow you to drive across town and into your local cafe with confidence knowing your Zoomer power chair will easily fit into any environment and narrow places. The long-lasting battery will allow you to enjoy shopping and do whatever you want.

Zoomer Chair Control

Simple Joystick Steering

The Zoomer is capable of climbing up to a 10° incline. As a Really! Just move the joystick in the direction you want to go. The joystick moves you forwards, backwards, and to either side. You have full 360-degree control at your fingertips. Speed is controlled both by the speed range you select and by how far you push the joystick.

zoomer turning

Works Indoors and Outside

Making tight turns in cramped indoor spaces are easy with Zoomer’s amazingly small 25-inch turning radius. When you’re heading outside, the powerful dual motors and low center of gravity let you go most places without risk of tipping. Grass, small gravel or bumps up to 2″ are no problem in your Zoomer.

zoomer table

Fits Under A Table

Your Zoomer rolls right up to -and under– a standard table or desk. No adjustments to the Zoomer, no changing seats, no ‘parking’ a scooter somewhere, and no fuss. When it’s time to back out, just pull back on the joystick and your Zoomer backs out easily and conveniently. Simple!

Zoomer Chair Folding

It’s Easy To Transport…