The Case Management Society of America says in a recently released white paper that “the root cause of many accessibility patient safety problems, high-cost medical care and unnecessary re-admissions can be traced to transitions of care, or the lack of meticulous planning in that area.”

Next Day Access, a leader in thoughtful, compassionate and innovative accessibility solutions, agrees with that assessment, particularly regarding the importance of planning.

When discharged from a hospital or care facility, patients are often confronted with unfavorable barriers in their own homes. Mobility issues that are remediated with Fauteuils roulants may then be complicated by a lack of Rampes and other suitable modifications to the home that allow for easy transitions to different floors of the dwelling or passage through the doors and entry to the garage. As a provider of those home solutions, Next Day Access is, of course, concerned by these issues and the CMSA findings.

CMSA also observed: “In 2013, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provided new outpatient coding allowing the physician, advanced practice nurse or physician assistant to bill patients transitioning from the hospital or nursing facility to home for transitional care management services. With the advent of the increased scrutiny that care managers and coordinators face, the need to provide an evidence-based foundation for care coordination practice is increasingly essential.”

This goes to the heart of Next Day Access’ mission – creating a seamless transition from care facilities to the home with minimal disruption of every-day living. Next Day Access offers a complete line of products – from stair lifts and ramps, to ease of access bathroom bars and grab bars for safety.

We take CMSA’s research and reports very seriously because of their scope: As the organization notes: “CMSA, established in 1990 with nearly 10,000 members today, is the recognized leader and trusted professional association that exists to close gaps in healthcare performance by translating the best science and knowledge into effective continuing professional development.”

Next Day Access promises to deliver a “whole home, whole life” plan for your accessibility solution. Whole home means we can address each area of your home and recommend a professional accessibility solution that will allow you the freedom and independence to enjoy every level of your home. Whole life means we can adapt your home to fit the needs you have today and for a lifetime, as well as meet the demands of your unique life story. Providing you with a turnkey solution that allows you to stay in your home longer is our way of helping you solve the puzzle.

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