Caregivers can have a thankless job. It can be difficult to find balance between your duties and your own wellbeing can be a challenge. Here are three tips for caregivers to help make responsibilities a little less stressful.

Self-Care is Important for Caregivers

Caring for another person that relies on you to assist in the most basic functions can take its toll. Caregivers at their best need to first give care to themselves. Make time to take part in activities you enjoy, like a book club or fitness class. Take frequent breaks to prevent burnout and be aware of signs of depression.

It never hurts to seek out help for yourself during this season of life. On average, a caregiver will spend 4.3 years providing care for a loved one and will spend 21 hours a week providing that care. If you’re working, that can mean a 60+ hour week. Strive to find that balance to take care of yourself.

Find the Right Tools for Caregivers

Certain tools and aids can help make your job a little easier and help your body bear less of the brunt. If you’re caring for someone in a wheelchair, a ramp may be necessary to help get them in and out of the house. You can customize our ramps to meet specific needs.

Grab bars are a great addition to assist in the bathroom. Add them to the bathtub or near the toilet. They can provide a sense of security and support if you can’t be there to assist your loved one getting up on in and out of the tub.

Make trips to the doctor a little more hassle-free by adding a vehicle lift to your car. This addition to your vehicle can make getting in and out of the car more comfortable and less stressful for your loved one.

Ask for Help

It can be hard to ask for help or even accept someone’s offer to help. But allowing someone else to assist with some of the responsibility, even if it’s temporary, can help you find the time to care for yourself.

Being a caregiver can be isolating. Seek out other caregivers through support groups. It can be helpful to relate with others dealing with similar situations as yourself.

At the end of the day, you deserve credit! Don’t forget to give yourself credit for what you’re doing – it’s a tough role to be in. What are some tips you would give to caregivers out there?