If you are a wheelchair user, everyday tasks can be difficult and require help. Luckily, advances in accessibility and mobility equipment that will give you the helping hand you need with various assistive technologies.

The most transformative technologies are still being refined, such as self-driving cars and prosthetic limbs (powered by mind control), but there are assistive technology devices on the market now that can make life a little easier. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Assistive Computer Devices

If you are using a touch screen computer or tablet, a few different companies now make mounts that attach to your wheelchair and allow you to handle the device at any height. The apps also have accessibility options that refine the user experience specifically for people with disabilities.

Once you download the app, you can set up voice-to-text typing, digital readers, oversized mouse, and keyboards, and eye-tracking computer systems that control the computer with your eye movements. 

Smart Home Assistants

At-home digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo decrease the amount of time you spend fidgeting with your phone or computer. These devices are set up as personal assistants and can manage all sorts of tasks. You can talk to the virtual assistants like a human, and they will respond. The devices can answer questions, give suggestions, set thermostat temperatures, and turn lights on or off. 


Smartwatches are a portable device that’s designed to be worn on a wrist. They synchronize with your smartphone, offer apps, and keep a record of your vitals.

They can help you stay aware of your health by monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, and several other health components. Additionally, since the watch syncs with your phone, you can do everything your phone does from the watch.  

If mobility or accessibility is presenting a challenge to your independence, Next Day Access has a solution. Our services include in-home consultations and product installation services. If you have any questions or you would like to schedule an in-home safety consultation, contact us today.