Falls in the elderly population make up a significant amount of reported injuries in the United States every year. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, falls can diminish the function of elderly people when they cause injuries, instill greater fear of future falls, limit activities, and potentially create a loss of mobility. Fortunately, there are plenty of bathroom safety products you can install in your bathroom to reduce the risk of falling significantly. Here are four of the most common bathroom safety products to consider.

Baignoires à l'italienne

Walk-in tubs are an investment but can be well worth the cost when you consider the safety they offer. If you or a loved one have a hard time getting in or out of the bathtub, then a walk-in tub is a great solution due to the low threshold. It also includes a non-slip surface so you can have confidence in getting in and out. The seat allows for ultimate comfort and relaxation while taking your bath and can ease your fears of slipping and falling.

Barres d'appui

One of the most important bathroom safety products anyone can install is Barres d'appui. These are stronger and sturdier than towel bars and are designed to handle the weight of a person leaning on them without breaking. Many people put them inside their shower, immediately outside the shower, by the toilet, and anywhere else they go in the bathroom. Having grab bars available can give you some peace of mind if the floor is wet or damp so you can maintain your balance and stability while walking.

Shower Chair

Standing for an extended period of time can get challenging as you get older. Investing in a shower chair can help you take a load off of your feet and legs while relaxing in the shower. Just make sure the shower chair is the right height and is sturdy and stable enough to hold you. Having a shower chair available is ideal for many elderly people so they can use it when they’ve had a hard day or simply want to give their legs a break.

Douches portatives

Some bathrooms may benefit from a portable shower to increase safety. Many portable showers are wheelchair accessible, so you won’t have to remodel your entire bathroom to achieve accessibility. And the great thing about them is they can be set up anywhere in the home, including if you travel frequently. It’s a perfect way to ensure you can have a safe showering experience anywhere you go.

Next Day Access focuses a lot on bathroom safety products because it’s one of the main areas in a home where falls occur. We offer free home assessments to help you choose which safety products can enhance your home and make you feel more comfortable at the same time. Don’t hesitate to Nous contacter to learn more about our bathroom safety products and increase your peace of mind at the same time.