Cold weather is here and that means the holidays are right around the corner. Whether you plan on having family join you or you plan on traveling, keeping things accessible is important. We at Next Day Access have a wide range of products to make sure that your home is friendly for anyone with mobility restrictions.

Portable wheelchair ramps are the perfect solution for anyone who plans to be on the go during the holidays or all year round. Not only do they come in varying widths, but they also feature varying lengths so you can get the exact ramp you need to make every outing an accessible one.

If uneven doorways or curbs tend to be a problem when you travel, a threshold ramp might be the solution you are looking for. These portable ramps help to create a safer incline so you can easily access almost any area. Our ramps even offer special non-skid technology so that both the wheelchair user and the person assisting feel safe and secure.

Some families utilize the holidays to get out and sightsee. If this sounds like your family’s ideal holiday excursion, a mobility scooter might be the perfect addition to your trip. Our scooters provide a safe and innovative way to make sure those with mobility needs can participate in most excursions without having to worry about the difficulty of pushing a wheelchair.

Whether you need help getting into or out of places, or just getting around, Next Day Access has the mobility solutions you’re looking for. Browse our website and find your local specialist today so that you are ready to take on this holiday season with ease!