We’ve seen many impressive performances from the USA Paralympic Nordic Skiing team over the years. It’s always amazing to see athletes with a serious physical disability compete at the highest level despite their limitations. Some of the moments we’ve seen have been truly jaw-dropping. Here are three of the most impressive moments and performances that were unforgettable.

Military Veterans On The 2014 Paralympics Team

The military presence at the 2014 Paralympic Games was enough to give you chills. Over half of the USA Nordic Skiing team members were veterans of the military, including one active member and seven retired members. The unity and pride felt when military members were together was an experience you had to see to believe. No other US team had as many military members as the Nordic Skiing team, and the energy every time they got together was phenomenal.

Domination At the 2018 Paralympics

The 2018 Paralympics gave us one of the most impressive performances we’ll ever see from the USA Nordic Skiing team. They shattered the previous record of five total medals and won 16 total medals in 2018. From Andy Soule creating a memorable finish in the cross-country split to Kendall Gretsch and Dan Cnossen winning the gold medal in the biathlon, there were plenty of dominating moments at the 2018 Games.

Impressive Performances By Oksana Masters

Oksana Masters first made history in 2014 when she won two medals. When she did so, she became the first woman in 20 years to win a Paralympic medal and inspired many throughout the country. Then in 2017, Masters won her fifth overall medal and fourth overall world title with the USA Nordic Skiing team. Her performances and consistency over the years have been something to admire for the entire country.

What We Can Learn From The Amazing Paralympic Moments

You don’t have to be a world-class Paralympic athlete to make a difference in the world. These athletes were gifted with physical talent and abilities to overcome their physical disability and compete at the highest level. Not everyone has the same gifts and talents, so you have to find what you are intersted in and work hard to achieve it. When you adapt to your circumstances and look for the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives, you’ll have a better outlook on life overall. The key to adaptability is having an open mind and finding fulfillment in your life somehow.

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