Realizing that you need assistance accessing every area of your own home can be tough. But the earlier you realize it, the quicker you can get the accessibility products you need installed to improve your quality of life. Falling can be life-changing physically, but can also be costly. According to the National Council on Aging, the financial toll could reach and exceed $67 billion this year for adults who fall and injure themselves. If you have a two-story home, these accessibility products could greatly enhance your quality of life.

Vertical Platform Lift

A vertical platform lift is also known as a porch lift and can help you get from one level to another without needing a ramp. Sometimes a wheelchair ramp isn’t an ideal option in your home since it can take up a lot of space. A vertical platform lift is much smaller and compact and includes a gate and other safety features to ensure you’re safe on it. Whether you simply need a lift to get into a raised entry, on a deck or porch, to the second level of your home or anywhere else, a vertical platform lift can help you do so with ease.

Stair Lift

A stair lift is one of the most popular accessibility products seniors invest in when they have a two-story home and are looking to remodel. If you have difficulties going up or down the stairs, simply sit on your stair lift, push a button and it will safely transport you without having to lift a foot. They can be installed on straight staircases as well as curved ones, and indoor and outdoor models are available so one can be installed wherever is most convenient for you. Stair lifts make going up and down the stairs easy and eliminate one of the biggest trip hazards in a two-story home.

Home Elevator

If you’re remodeling your two-story home and you have mobility limitations, consider installing a home elevator. These operate similarly to elevators you see in public places but made much smaller and more compact to fit in homes. You may choose to eliminate your indoor staircase in favor of a home elevator or you can keep the stairs and install the elevator in another space. Simply wheel your wheelchair or mobility scooter into the elevator, press a button and you’ll get a smooth ride from one level of your home to another.

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