Lèves-personnes à Salt Lake City, UT

Next Day Access Salt Lake City est un fournisseur local de lève-personnes. Les lève-personnes sont disponibles dans des styles fixes au plafond ou portables. Les lève-personnes facilitent le transport de votre proche pour vous ou votre soignant.

Les lève-personnes de Next Day Access Salt Lake City sont disponibles dans une variété de styles et de modèles.

As a caregiver, one of the many challenges one may face is transporting the loved one or patient from room to room or from the bed to their mobility device. Whatever the situation may be, a solution such as a patient lift can make it easier for you or the caregiver. At Next Day Access we offer patient lifts as one of our solutions.

We Offer Patient Lifts

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Patient Lift FAQs

What are some uses for patient lifts?

Patients lifts can be used in many different scenarios. They are typically used to transfer patients between surfaces, such as beds, wheelchairs, commodes, or other places throughout the home.

What are the different types of patient lifts?

We offer a variety of patient lifts. Some are suspended from the ceiling with overhead tracks, others are mounted to the wall, or some simply rest on the floor.